Student Comments

“Tremendous tempo, careful attention to detail, and a dynamic ‘no attitude’ classroom atmosphere makes his the best class of any sort I have ever had the privilege of attending.” – Ted U., athletic coach.

“The intense focus of Tai chi practice brings me a certain calm. It is different from the calm I get in the practice of painting. When I paint I use very loud music to tune out the outside world and my personal inside chatter. Tai chi has the same effect in silence!”- Maria L., artist

“I’ve learned how to consciously release my chronic tension, both during T’ai Chi practice and at other times. I also love the ever-present sense of being centered while in movement.” – Maureen M., midwife

“Because of severe arthritis in my knees, I’ve lived with disabling pain for years. Almost from the beginning of t’ai chi classes I experienced less stiffness and pain. During a recent episode, my pain was so bad that I almost couldn’t drive my car because I couldn’t press the pedals. I went to class anyway and followed instructions. Staying within the t’ai chi principles I could feel the energy flow to where it was supposed to flow. About half-way through the class, my pain significantly diminished. It is rare to have my bouts of intense pain subside so quickly. By the end of the class, I was motivated!” – Julia W., retired nurse

“For the first time, I can feel harmony in my body.” – Susan P., music teacher